Rental of stillage cages, roll cages, storage rack and handling and storage equipments


Since 1995, TER. has been developing its RENTAL department. A service that meets today’s requirements and which aims to better serve our customers engaged in all sectors of activity - DISTRIBUTION INDUSTRY, FOOD etc ...

A wide range of products for logistics such as wire containers, TERACKS, plastic pallets, plastic pallet cases (crates), rolltainers ... is offered to you.

At TER RENTAL you have a wide range of products of consistent quality for your specific operations or to meet seasonal increases.

  • Immediate availability of materials,
  • Delivery throughout France is ensured,
  • Maintenance is included in the provision.

TER RENTAL covers your national and European rental requirements


  • Logistics organisation;
  • Research & design office;
  • Responsiveness;
  • Innovation capabilities.


  • Variable geometry fleet: Responsiveness to all your needs and adaptation on your request
  • Permanent quality of materials
  • Traceability option
  • No storage for unused materials
  • No end-of-life materials management 
  • No packaging waste: Respect for the environment
  • No maintenance constraints


  • Packaging costs controlled
  • No investment
  • No financial expenses related to materials purchases


In order to rent logistic equipment such as handling or storage equipments, TER offers two types of rentals.


TER DYNAMIC RENTAL offers innovative management fleet systems for handling supports at the national and European levels by controlling supply chain and distribution costs. TER DYNAMIC RENTAL offers you the necessary materials for palletizing, packaging, storing, distributing and marketing your products. This is a particular benefit that guarantees the supply of empty materials on  production, management, and material collection sites on  delivery points, inventory, account tracking, cleaning, maintenance, quality control, etc.

Dynamic Rental

Your contact :

+33 2 47 37 09 10


TER STATIC RENTAL give you the opportunity to rent storage equipment for a short, medium or long term. You will find all necessary equipments for palletizing , package , store, distribute and market your products.

Static Rental

Your contact :

+33 2 47 37 02 90